Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feeling of Accomplishment

I have that feeling, you know the one you get every now and again. Its that feeling of accomplishment. I spent this last Saturday afternoon relaxing around the house all day. After a few hours I got a little bored so I ran out to get some things I needed for some crafts at home. I got busy and made some wall art and even reupholstered that chest I've been talking about.

I saw the idea for this one on Pinterest. Its such a cute idea! I used a map to cut out the places my husband and I met, got married, and went on our honeymoon. I put them in frames and they're now displayed on our living room wall. We wanted/needed some sort of artwork to fill the space and this worked out nicely!

 Here are the frames and map I bought.

Here they are on the wall! There's actually three of them but I couldn't get them all in the picture. The top is Lexington, KY (Where we met), the middle is Atlanta, Georgia (Where we were married), and the bottom is New York City, NY - well, Manhattan (Where we went on our honeymoon).

Here's a close up shot of Manhattan. 

I think they turned out great! I've definitely got that feeling of accomplishment. :)


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